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Deer Haven Nursery

We are growers of fine perennial flowers and some shrubs such as hydrangea, rose and spirea.  Deer Haven sells both retail and to the wholesale trade.  We specialize in full, large size plants in much of our stock ... which includes some of the more common perennials and grasses, as well as native varieties, deer resistant plants and more exotic varieties of peony, hosta, daylily, iris, coneflowers and others. 


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Deer Haven Nursery offers quality starter plants (grown from seed),  for your own summer garden.  4" pots are available individually or by the flat at very reasonable prices.  We grow many of the summer garden staple plants such as tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, lettuces, onions, melons, squash, radishes and cucumbers ... some in more exotic varieties such as "Black Krim" and "Yellow Pear" tomatoes.  We grow heirloom varieties of many garden favorites too!  In addition, stop by for tomatillos, nasturtiums, herbs, sunflowers, pumpkins or whatever else strikes our fancy whenever it's time to plant!
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